Stories of Impact – Rhythm, Culture and Community Wellbeing at School

Lamine Sonko is known as Australia’s African cultural journeyman. He has toured Australia and internationally as a performer and educator, engaging and energising audiences across the country, and bringing people together to celebrate diversity and enable creative collective action. In this interview, Lamine shares with me how he brings rhythm and culture to engage young… Continue reading Stories of Impact – Rhythm, Culture and Community Wellbeing at School

Co-regulating (online) classrooms during a crisis

Teachers are quickly shifting to online learning environments in response to the COVID-19 crisis and the demands of physical distancing. During this crisis stress levels are heightened for all of us. Trauma-impacted students, and in fact everyone, are susceptible to resurfacing trauma-related reactivity due to the compounding uncertainty and unpredictability this crisis presents. It is… Continue reading Co-regulating (online) classrooms during a crisis

A Primer on Healing School Systems

What is a trauma-affected school system? Childhood trauma is increasingly well understood by educators, including an acknowledgment that the classroom can be the most stable and consistent location in a trauma-affected student’s life. Trauma-aware teaching expands the possibilities for all students by maintaining attention toward the healing of developmental deficits, while simultaneously providing pathways toward… Continue reading A Primer on Healing School Systems

Stories of Impact – Christie Downs Primary School

Located south of Adelaide, Christie Downs Primary School is an inclusive site of 280 students. Christie Downs Primary School seeks to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which students are able to learn, play and grow together for a successful future. The school’s values embody personal responsibility, respectful relationships and teamwork. In this interview,… Continue reading Stories of Impact – Christie Downs Primary School

Stories of Impact – Doveton College

Located in South-East Melbourne, Doveton College is the first government school designed to meet the needs of children from birth to Year 9 and their families. The College offers adult education programs, as part of its focus on building a stronger community for the benefit of its students. Thadd Rimer is an Assistant Principal (Years 5-9) and… Continue reading Stories of Impact – Doveton College

Integrating mindfulness and the body at school

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

There are many reasons why we disconnect from our bodies. They can be the site of worry, shame or pain. Almost every choice we make shows up in the contours of our body at some stage. The latest scientific research tells us that trauma lodges itself in the body. Psychiatrists and neuroscientists have discovered that… Continue reading Integrating mindfulness and the body at school