Linking Unconditional Positive Regard and Teacher Wellbeing

How can Unconditional Positive Regard support student healing as well as enhance teacher wellbeing? There is evidence to suggest that Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) not only supports students’ healing and learning at school, but also leads to enhanced teacher wellbeing. So what is Unconditional Positive Regard? It was originally developed by psychologist Carl Rogers in… Continue reading Linking Unconditional Positive Regard and Teacher Wellbeing

#BenefitMindset Schools Challenge — Examples and Prompts

Here you will find three examples of the Benefit Mindset applied at school. Before taking part in the #BenefitMindset Schools Challenge you might: Read through the examples in groups or individually, Take turns sharing reflections in a group or journalling thoughts, Respond to the prompts to frame your creative activity. — Example one: Student Leadership… Continue reading #BenefitMindset Schools Challenge — Examples and Prompts