ME-WE-BE Cards

Beta 1.0 Free to download by clicking on the image below:

MEWEBEFront (1)

Becoming our best selves

Every teacher knows that it is no easy task to show up every day as our best selves, particularly in a context where the professional teaching workforce is increasingly experiencing the effects of burnout. Yet, there are some ways we can give ourselves a real chance at becoming our best.

Intention setting at the start of every day can help us to purposefully reimagine our daily routines. Rather than solely relying on long ‘to do’ lists we can prime our day in a more balanced way, asking:

  • Who are we being? — Thinking about our inner worlds of thoughts and feelings. Who is the human being that shows up to do the doing?
  • How and why are we relating? — Thinking about the interpersonal world of relationships. How can I best come together with others in ways that are both meaningful and mutually-beneficial?
  • What are we doing? — Thinking about how we can come together and do the things we need to do. How can we co-create something we couldn’t do on our own?

I would love to hear how you have used the cards and any suggestions for improvement. Please send me any stories or feedback using the fields below:

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